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Synchronized Slaying

Super Party Soul Sisters!

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Synchronized Slaying
Welcome to Synchronized Slaying, the joint creative community of ohvienna and hollywoodgrrl. Here you will find all of our various fandomy efforts, such as icons/graphics, vids, fanfiction, and fanmixes. You cannot become a member here, but if you like what you see, please feel free to friend the comm for updates. If you're interested in getting to know us professional fangirls a bit better, check out our personal journals.

The Rules // Icons
Comment and credit if you snag. Please credit ohvienna or hollywoodgrrl in your keywords, not the comm.
None of that hotlinking business.
Don't alter and/or claim any work as your own, that's just, you know, stupid.

Vids // Fic // Mixes
If you watch a vid, read a fic, or snag a mix -- feedback is shiny and always appreciated.
Once again, altering and/or stealing of any fandom artworks equals us having sad faces.
Nominations will equal you getting very many cookies.
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