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fanmix | american horror story: coven | misty/cordelia

datura | a misty/cordelia mix
11 tracks + cover art

follow the light. come to me.

i see you...where are you

01. crimson and clover | joan jett & the blackhearts

ah, now i don't hardly know her
but i think i could love her
crimson and clover

ah, when she comes walking over
now I've been waiting to show her
crimson and clover
over and over

02. a new | little dragon

the clay was soft, the future bright
old fashioned ways that won't erase
out of control this building gate
blinded like new
i'm feeling much stranger about you
despite the shape this twisted form
with open arms into the storm
kept me, kept and wanting more
i saw you peaking through the door

03. walk into the forest | mechanical bride

caught up in the squalor
i have vision, i see color
i see fruit, i see fruit, i see fruit
beasts of fur and feather
we go traveling together

04. datura | tori amos

ming fern
sword fern
walking iris
chocolate cherries allamanda
awabuki viburnum

is there room in my heart
for you to follow your heart
and not need more blood
from the tip of your star

05. up in flames | kosheen


06. fire | austra

and who will have her?
instead we harm her
and we make fire
and we are fire

07. kiss her goodbye | the golden filter

my wish
i wish
i wish
kiss her goodbye

08. mechanics of emotion | elsiane

remembering those times when you were never safe
you're trapped in all the shadows of your pain
but sadly you were never back the same way
i've always tried to bring you life again
how am i supposed to heal you
how am i supposed to reach you
and reach your love

09. in the black | psapp

i still go to the forest and i want to call your name
the pull of you is endless
and i love you just the same
will we ever learn
that all we leave behind us
is a pile of dirt beside us
it's too late now to turn it round
to make a sign so you'll be found

10. indelible day | nancy elizabeth

but maybe it was your voice drifting from the peak
i promise you, promise i will always seek you
i will live a life so beautiful that no one could doubt you
this is not a trial run or a rehearsal
i live it like a demon, live it like i mean it
it’s hard to imagine what it will be like
when all we have known is the darkness of night
but there is a landslide sliding inside
so i know things are changing
here’s to a tour de force for the future
the dawn this morning will never be forgotten

11. her breath is the wind | tbc aka instamatic (sia/fleetwood mac)

rhiannon rings like a bell through the night
and wouldn't you love to love her
takes to the sky like a bird in flight
and who will be her lover
all your life you've never seen a
woman taken by the wind
would you stay if she promised you heaven
will you ever win

give me a hint

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